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We are only able to carry a limited and small selection of supplements at our office. For your convenience we have partnered with various companies to make quality dietary supplements available when the desired supplements are not available at DBHC. If you are not sure what to order contact DBHC and we will write you a script with possible choices for your needs and comments about them (i.e. liquid, capsules, dosage, etc.). Feel free to register for both stores and order at the store most convenient for your needs at any given time.

  • Emerson Ecologics - The store is called Wellevate, once registered the system will remember you and you will always get a 10% discount during checkout for most products. See details below to register and get your discount. (Note: Wellevate is the virtual dispensary for Emerson Ecologics). Emerson has probably the largest selection of dietary supplements and medical quality brands in various sizes available.

  • Natural Partners NP Script - High quality medical dietary supplements distributor located in Arizona so the shipping and turnaround time is quicker. For an automatic 10% discount on most products, use dbhc as the code to register at: (register only once and return as often as you like). A large selection of supplements is available here including probiotics. The checkout discount code is dbhc. (Note: NP Script is the virtual dispensary for Natural Partners). Natural Partners is located in Arizona to the shipping costs is lower than Emerson Ecologics. If you need help selecting the correct product let DBHC know and we will send you a script with possible products that we recommend.

About the Wellevate Dispensary


We have partnered with Emerson Ecologics to provide our patients with high quality vitamins and supplements at an affordable price using the Wellevate interface. If you are not sure what to get, which brand etc. then contact us and we will send you a personalized script with suggested products, dosage and other comments as needed. Emerson has an extensive variety of both brands, items as well as sizes for items. They are located out of state so shipping may cost more and delivery time may take longer.


Emerson Ecologics has a wide variety of probiotics, vitamins and other dietary supplements from name brand, high quality companies.


The Online Pharmacy for Emerson Ecologics is managed by Wellevate (this was Fullscript but this has changed. If you were registered with Fullscript then you need to register with Wellevate to get the discount)..


Contact Dancing Bear Healing Center to have your account set up for you. This will include a 10% discount off all Emerson Ecologics products you order. Once you are registered you may just go directly to the store: coming soon.


If you are already registered then just login by going here: (coming soon) or click on the image below.