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Acupuncture Information

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Acupuncture Origin & Definition

Welcome to our acupuncture information page. Acupuncture is a healing modality originally from Asia, mainly China. It uses different techniques to help people heal. It is part and parcel of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

There are points along channels in the body that each has a specific effect on the body when it is stimulated. It can be stimulated with filiform needles, light, tuning forks, cold laser pens, microcurrent, e-Stim, and many other ways.

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What is an acupuncturist? Someone who has completed a minimum of 1800 hours of specialized medical training in the theory and application of various techniques including the use of filiform needles (solid needles) to help restore health.

What is NOT a fully trained acupuncturist? Someone who has had only limited training (at most 300 hours) but uses acupuncture needles and calls it something else (i.e., Trigger point therapy and Dry Needling are two such examples).

Why does it matter? Read the news, many people claiming to do acupuncture (or dry needling, or trigger point therapy, or whatever name they want to call it) are causing public safety issues such as pneumothorax (collapsed lung), punctured organs, and other problems in their patients. One such incident was caused by a massage therapist doing "acupuncture". If you get acupuncture, make sure the practitioner is fully trained. Look for L.Ac. after their name as well as NCCAOM certification (national board - required for licensure in most states in the USA).

In depth information regarding acupuncture can be found at the web site (not affiliated with DBHC).

Acupuncture Needles

Many people are afraid of acupuncture because they are needle phobic. They have confused Syringe needles with acupuncture Filiform needles. A syringe takes something out or puts something into the body so is large with a center hole in the tube. Filiform needles have no such hole in the middle, and many are as thin as a human hair. There is no injection or removal of any material into or from the body. Generally, they are a painless way to treat people.

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Acupuncture Needle Sensitivity

Some people are needle sensitive. We have a way to treat even the most sensitive so that there is no pain or discomfort. In some cases, we use acupressure combined with cold laser therapy rather than needles.

Needle Security & Use

Acupuncture needles are used only once. They are then discarded in a biohazard container and appropriately disposed of. So, there is no danger of cross patient contamination. We only use DBC and Serin brand needles which are considered the best available.

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What to Wear

Most acupuncture points are on the arms and legs. There are many on the head, neck, back, and torso. Wearing shorts and a tank top is ideal if possible. Women should wear a two piece outfit. This makes reaching points on the abdomen or back easier by just lifting up the shirt. We prefer that women not wear skirts for modesty reasons. That said when needed we offer a sheet for patients to cover themselves when we need to access the torso, back, or area covered by clothes.

NOTE: We NEVER needle the breast or crotch area.

Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis used at DBHC is based on Dr. Jimmy Chang's Pulsenergy theory of diagnosis. It is a powerful method for literally feeling the health of each organ in the body as well as other related conditions.

pulse diagnosis

Tongue Diagnosis

Traditional TCM tongue diagnosis is used at DBHC to determine the health of selected organs, especially digestive health. There is a saying that the "tongue doesn't lie". With this diagnostic tool a person's diet and habits are revealed.tongue diagnosis


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