Herbal Medicine

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Herbs to Accelerate the Healing Process

When the Body is Deficient then Herbs Provide the Missing Elements, the Body Needs to Heal

Welcome to the DBHC web page on herbal medicine. Herbs are one of the oldest healing modalities known to man.

Ancient man used Moxa (AKA Artemisia vulgaris or Mugwort). Chinese medicine uses Moxa to both warm parts of the body, specific acupuncture points as well as for the healing power of the smoke itself. Quality Moxa is aged for at least 5+ years.

Chinese herbal formulas are available as patent medicines from many vendors. The Dancing Bear Healing Center only recommends herbs from reputable herb providers, mainly, Evergreen Herbs, this vendor is cGMC certified. When herbs are prescribed, they are drop shipped directly to the patient from the herb company. DBHC does not stock a pharmacy.

The Original Bach Flower EssencesĀ® are used as an addition to many treatments at the Dancing Bear Healing Center. They are included in Soul therapy and can be included with other treatments upon request. These tinctures are powerful emotional level healing potions. These are sold at many health food stores and organic markets as well as online.

Many times, acupuncture is just not enough or it will take many treatments, even daily to bring the body back to balance. With herbs as an adjunct to acupuncture or even on their own you may heal much faster. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we use products that are based on ancient formulas that have been used for centuries and even millennia to treat common human conditions that occur even today. A typical course of treatment might be 10 days before the formula is accessed to see if a different formula is needed or if the condition has been corrected. Severe chronic conditions and elder care may require long term use of selected formulas. This is the exception, most formulas are only used until the condition clears, then the formula can be discontinued or only used as needed as in the case of pain.

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Western herbs are prescribed differently than TCM formulas. Mostly, Western herbs are just combined based on the function of each herb without consideration to how the herbs may interact with each other when combined. They are mainly prescribed based on symptoms, which is the basis of modern pharmacology. With TCM the formulas are based on the underlying cause of the symptom, the channels involved, the hot/cold/neutral aspect of the herbs and the patient's condition, the location of the issue, and many other similar factors. The herbs in each formula have a specific function, including the harmonizing of the formula. Formulas may be as small as 1-2 herbs to as large and 20-30 herbs depending on the complexity of the problem.


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Workshops, Lectures, & Courses

Dr. Beverly regularly holds online and live events on holistic health. These include:

  • Meditation - various meditation techniques are explored with discussions on when to use each type. Her workbook is Meditation Demystified by Dancing Bear AKA Dr. Beverly.
  • Energy Healing - this workshop explores various types of energy healing techniques including setting the intention, setting up a sacred space, creating an altar, and much more...
  • Herbs for the Home Medicine Cabinet - a discussion of must have herbs for the home with information on when and how to use them.
  • Herbs for Travel - a discussion of herbs to take with you when you travel to easily deal with common ailments
  • Herbs for the Flu Season - herbs to use to both boost the immune system and help ward off influenza as well as herbs to take in the event you do get sick.
  • Chinese Nutrition - "Food as Medicine", heal through the food you eat
  • Dr Beverly offers a free program to help people manifest their health and ideal life at OM for Success.

Free, Low Cost, & Advanced Programs

In the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy (DBEA) APP there is much free content & courses, low cost courses, as well as very reasonable Evergreen workshops. Dr. Beverly's free meditation program, OM for Success and her other programs are listed at her Dancing Bear Holistic Transformation site.

Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP (DBEA)

In the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP (DBEA) APP there is much free content & courses, low cost courses, as well as very reasonable Evergreen workshops.

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