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Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life

Your Handwriting is a picture of who you are internally, through analysis you may discover hidden challenges & talents

Welcome to the DBHC webpage on Handwriting Analysis and Dr. Beverly's journey using it personally as well as therapeutically. Dr. Beverly began her handwriting journey in High School when an analyst had her make changes to her handwriting that changed her life. In 1974, she began to study handwriting analysis and analyzing others. In the early 1990's she studied with Vimala Rodgers, author of "Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life" and founder of the International Institute of Handwriting Studies (IIHS). Through her intensive training, Dr. Beverly became a certified Handwriting Analyst and has analyzed thousands of handwriting samples since graduating from Vimala's program.

This form of handwriting analysis is NOT "graphology" used by scientists to see who wrote something. Instead, the analysis is based on the Kabbalistic meaning of the letters/numbers and what the shapes and tiny marks mean spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

You might ask, "so why do this"? First it is a great vehicle for identifying blockages to achieving your goals. It also may identify blockages to health and why you are not healing but actually self-sabotaging yourself. Sometimes Dr. Beverly will see letters in the air when talking to someone and get a message to have the person change a specific letter.

One time a message came to look at the person's letter "p". This person had complained about the side affects of his blood pressure medicine and did not know what to do. She had him change his letter "p". He called her back a few months later after working on the letter '"p" and his blood pressure was now normal, and he no longer needed any medication.

Another time a client with breast cancer came to Dr. Beverly (before she went to medical school) and said she had lost one breast and wanted to save the other one. At that time Beverly (who did not have a Ph.D. at the time) only did energy healing, shamanic healing, and hypnotherapy. To determine the underlying cause of the breast cancer she used handwriting analysis and quickly uncovered many hidden subconscious issues that needed to be addressed. Once addressed we were able to save the other breast from needing to be removed.

Sometimes hypnotherapy and even meditation alone can uncover hidden aspects of ourselves. That said they may take time as the conscious mind may be blocking the information or the subconscious mind does not know how to bring it forward. Handwriting brings this information forward in one analysis session. How to heal will depend on how many letters will need to be changed to address the issue.


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  • Dr Beverly offers a free program to help people manifest their health and ideal life at OM for Success.

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Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP (DBEA)

In the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP (DBEA) APP there is much free content & courses, low cost courses, as well as very reasonable Evergreen workshops.

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