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About Us - information, including education, memberships, awards and more about DBHC as well as a CV for Dr. Lawrence


Announcements - information on changes, new services, etc., at DBHC


Our Services - information regarding the services available at DBHC


Acupuncture - Information regarding acupuncture in general as well as specifics used at DBHC such as type of needles


NADA - Information regarding detoxification support at DBHC


Herbs - information regarding the types and brands of herbs used at DBHC


Chromotherapy/Color Healing - Information regarding Healing with Color as well as Esogetic Colorpuncture information


Vibrational Therapy/Sound Healing - Information regarding sound healing used at DBHC as well as Acutonics information.


Korya (Korean) Hand Therapy - Therapy that can release pain very quickly and can be taught to patients to continue their treatment at home.


Soul Integration Therapy - Information regarding Soul Integration Therapy and the use of Shambhala Tools at DBHC as well as access to the Shambhala Tools store (managed by the Tibetan Foundation).


Forms Download - forms available for download for new patients, filling them out in advance reduces the wait time for one's treatment


Links - This page has links to other Dancing Bear sites as well as other places of interest and information


Contact Us - Contact information for DBHC


Detoxification - Detoxification with the HealthyLine Infra Mat


Microcurrent information and the devices used at DBHC.


Articles written by Dr. Lawrence that may be of interest.


Fibromyalgia information


Hypnotherapy information


Pain information


Online Stores how to order from Natural Partners or Emerson Ecologics for professional grade dietary supplements


Testimonials from past patients


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Workshops information


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