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Weight Management

At the Dancing Bear® Healing Center we have several options to support healthy weight management. Some of these options can be combined with treatments for other conditions such as pain.

These different types of healing processes include specific acupuncture treatments in the ears (auricular acupuncture), special points on the body as well as the use of hypnotherapy. All dietary recommendations are based on Traditional Chinese Medical principles, these in many cases differ from Western dietary suggestions.

We offer a full weight loss program that addresses all the various reasons why people have difficulty losing weight. It includes the following options:

  • DNA Testing to determine the best supplement to take and avoid for you specific needs as well as the best exercise for you DNA needs.
  • Toxic Urine clearance test to determine heavy metal load
  • Heavy metal, viral and other toxin chelation to remove the barriers to weight loss
  • Liver and bowel cleans program to prepare the body for weight loss
  • Affordable Protein meal replacement program based on a healthy Mediterranean diet (no gluten, soy or dairy). Lose 10 pounds fast or stay on the diet long term to lose 80-100 pounds or even more.
  • Sugar free gum to boost metabolism and reduce hunger while dieting
  • Maintenance program to keep the weight off after you lose it so no more "yo-yo" affect after losing weight.

Download an article "Healthy Diet" written by Beverly Lawrence, L.Ac. to help with diet considerations for everyone..

PureTrim weight loss program available at Beverly's PureTrim Store. Contact Beverly at DBHC with questions and to understand which products will be best for you.





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