KHT or Koryo (Korean) Hand Therapy

Holistic Health for Soul, Mind, & Body

There are many micro-systems on the body. A micro-system is where one small part of the body represents the entire body. Every cell in the body is a hologram of the entire body. Other micro-systems include the ear, the hands, the feet and many other areas of the body can be used as micro-systems. It is possible to treat the entire body using just the hands. This is useful if parts of the body are difficult to get at or even missing. It is also a great way for people to treat themselves.


At DBHC we use KHT as an adjunct to our regular treatments to enhance the effectiveness of the treatments, We also teach our patients how to treat themselves at home using KHT on their hands.


This treatment modality is more than just another style of acupuncture. It uses rollers, very small needles, heat from a special tool, pellets as well as other techniques layering the treatment on the hand.


KHT's main strength is for pain management but is has many other capabilities as well.