Holistic Health for Soul, Mind, & Body

Hypnosis can be used for a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Sports improvement

  • Treatment of fears such as test anxiety

  • My help with weight management

  • May help with Stop Smoking

  • Clearing past trauma


Hypnotherapy and guided imagery are sometimes used to enhance the therapeutic affects of our treatments.


Nero-linguistic programming (NLP) is also used in conjunction with hypnosis to enhance the therapeutic effects of the treatment.


We use hypnosis and acupuncture together to increase the relaxation effects of the acupuncture and to help the patient reach deeper levels into the trance state.


We do not recommend regression therapy as the planting of false memories may in some, albeit rare, circumstances be possible. That said, patients will occasionally and spontaneously experience early childhood or even past life states of awareness while in a trance. When this happens we just go with what comes up as it is clearly part of the therapeutic process for that individual at that time.


More general information on hypnosis can be found at Dancing Bear Way website.