DBHC Basic Pricing

Holistic Health for Soul, Mind, & Body

There are several phases of healing and treatment. The first phase is to identify and diagnose the critical issues that need to be addressed and treat them. We will call this phase the acute phase. It may requite daily or 2-3 treatments per week until the issue is no longer acute. At the very least this requires weekly treatments if the issue has been long standing.

Then there is the stabilization of the condition treatments. This is usually weekly or bi-weekly or even every three to four weeks.

The third phase is maintenance. This will vary by patient. It may be monthly, to quarterly. Occasionally, annual treatments are all that will be needed to ensure the issues do not return.


We are currently in-network for the Alternative Healthcare Options (AHO) as a participating Provider.


Products Available on Site by Appointment Only

  • Limited Dietary Supplements in clinic (prices vary).

  • Chinese herbal formulas, mostly Evergreen Herbs, (prices vary).

  • Chakra Balancing Kit - $590 (while supplies last) - 20% off (only 2 left)

  • Sombra (warm and cool), 4oz and 8oz (depending on stock on hand).

  • Charlotte's Web CBD oil in various sizes available for purchase.

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Our online booking site reflects our basic pricing. For more information please contact the DBHC directly. Most acute cases require 5-10 acupuncture treatments. Chronic and complex cases may require longer term therapy treatments.