Fibromyalgia (FMS)

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Fibromyalgia, once known as the invisible disease is actually not a disease but a syndrome, i.e. a group of symptoms that frequently occur together with no known etiology and usually no way to effectively treat.


When Western medical practitioners are able to diagnose the syndrome their only remedy is pharmaceuticals with potentially harmful side affects.


Some of the related conditions include the following:


● Trigger point pain

● General muscle pain

● Chronic fatigue

● Irritable bowels

● Chronic candidiasis

● Chemical sensitivity

● Muscle cramps

● Emotional challenges and depression


It is also common for FMS patients to also have blood sugar challenges like hypoglycemia and thyroid issues like hypothyroid.


Alternative therapies look at diet, including food avoidance and inclusion, physical activity, weight management, herbal analgesics for pain management and muscle cramps.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to treat the underlying internal deficiencies that may be the underlying cause of the symptoms.


This is a chronic condition that comes on slowly over many years. As with all chronic conditions they do not heal over night. With patience and work it is possible to improve ones health to be symptom free most of the time.


At DBHC we recommend selected formulas, specific diet changes and use a special needling process to avoid causing additional pain in our patients. We also recommend probiotics and other dietary supplements.