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Detoxification is an important aspect to obtaining and maintaining optimal health. We offer 30 minute and one hour detoxification using the HerbaLine Infrared Mat. The use of the mat is included with every acupuncture treatment on the healing setting. We also offer detoxification sessions separate from a treatment. These can be booked as a 30 minute detoxification or as a one hour treatment. Half the time is on the back and half is on the stomach. The heat is on maximum so that sweating occurs.


To prepare for the treatment one must be well hydrated. We recommend drinking lots of water the day of the detox and a full 8 ounces of water just before the session begins as well as right after the session. We recommend putting electrolytes in the water to facilitate the detoxification process and to prevent dehydration.


What to bring: two large towels and a swim suit.


If additional detoxification is desired for the liver, kidneys, or the body, we have Chinese Herbal formulas available at the center for purchase.


This service is currently unavailable due to Covid-19.