Concierge Acupuncture

Holistic Health for Soul, Mind, & Body

At the Dancing BearĀ® Healing Center we have two types of concierge acupuncture. The first is for those who want regular ongoing treatments and access to the practitioner at other than regular office hours. This process is more expensive and requires that appointments be made in advance.


The second type of concierge acupuncture available is when the acupuncturist comes to you. This second option is on an as needed basis and is more expensive. For more information on these two types of benefits please read below or call for specifics.


Concierge Medicine Types:
● On-Site Concierge Treatments at the Center
● Off-Site Concierge Treatments


Ongoing Concierge Treatments

Sometimes people have a need for long term, regular treatments, either for chronic pain or for more serious ailments that need special, regular attention. At the Dancing Bear Healing Center we accommodate this with special rates. This allows the patient to make their appointments in advance. This can be for one week, one month or for several months. The rates will very depending on what services are being requested and the frequency of the services. Call for a complimentary 15-minute discussion to see what options will work best for your particular situation and needs.


Off-site Concierge Treatments

The Dancing Bear Healing Center is in Arizona, that said our mix of skills and abilities is very unique in that the Soul, Mind and Body are all treated at the same time. It is not always convenient for people to receive treatments by traveling to Arizona. Therefore, we will come to you for intensive treatments. The minimum fee is $5,000 for 3-days of treatment (plus travel expenses) and $1,000 for each additional day. Treatments will be at your home or location. We will bring our entire tool kit to treat you on-site. The daily treatments can be very powerful. Many times these treatments are all that will be needed. Sometimes follow-up treatments will also be needed. This process includes physical, emotional and spiritual level treatments and spiritual counseling.


Contact DBHC now for a free consultation regarding these services to see if they work for your special needs.