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This page has details of changes at DBHC on a variety of topics. They are listed by date, newest announcements first, to make it easier to find anything new being offered or changes at the center.




DBHC has moved to Cottonwoood and is only available via Zoom for consultations. Acupuncture is not available at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions.





Online Store Changes

  • Fullscript now supports Natural Partners (an Arizona distributor of medical grade supplements and related products) our online supplement store. If you were already registered with NP Script or with Fullscript through Emerson Ecologics then your registration and history were maintained and you just have to log in to Fullscript at

  • If you want to continue to use NP Script it is still available. If you still want to use Emerson Ecologics it is also still available as well however, DBHC now supports one online store to make it less confusing as to which store to use.  Fullscript is very user friendly compared to NP Script and the products DBHC frequently recommends for patients are available by category making ordering easier for you.

  • You will continue to receive 10% off most supplements.

  • Additional information on our Online Store page.

  • If you have any questions or need help with products contact DBHC (480-422-7000). If you have questions or need help with the online system, then please contact Fullscript support directly as DBHC is not able to support their site.