Holistic Health for Soul, Mind, & Body

At DBHC we use several devices to enhance and facilitate the healing process. We occasionally use electro-stimulation (e-stim) for the treatment of pain but many people cannot tolerate this treatment. We have found that using Microcurrent (versus Milli-current of the e-stim device) has stronger therapeutic advantages, is not painful, decreases the number of treatments for any given issue that acupuncture can treat, and is simple to add this modality to a regular acupuncture treatment session.


We use two different devices, each with its own unique healing techniques, each will be described below.


InspirStar Programmable Microcurrent Stimulator. This device is programmable using a laptop computer for various types of tissues and issues to be treated, e.g. pain, inflammation, etc. The device was designed by Dr. Kondrot. We have used this device with great results for several years at DBHC. It is very effective for treating Neuropathy, pain, regeneration of both muscles and nerves, and many other therapies.


Biomodulator Professional Microcurrent device by Dr. Tennant, and sold by the Senergy Medical Group. This Microcurrent device is preprogrammed and has several attachments. This provides for a variety of treatment supplements to the acupuncture session including the following:


  • Bowling Ball Syndrome using a ball attachment to the Biomodulator - this condition occurs anytime people have experienced any stress in their life which has left them in "fight or flight" mode. This state can lead to many different types of digestive issues and other health related issues such as adrenal fatigue.

  • Minor Injuries that are still painful, slow to heal, or just plain irritating to the patient. This includes bug and spider bites, closed wound dog bites, scratches, dry skin, etc.

  • Eye issues - while we are not eye doctors at DBHC, once you are being treated by your eye care professional we can facilitate the healing by using the Tranducer attachment to the Biomodulator over the eye.

  • Neuropathy and degeneration - this device is very effective in facilitating the treatment of peripheral Neuropathy, degeneration from accidents, and related issues.

  • Pain management of all types

  • Special attachment and programs to clear deep emotional issues, we combine NLP techniques and acupuncture with this mode to facilitate the release of trauma.

  • Special programs that are organ specific (like the heart or lungs, etc.)

  • Special programs for Chakra healing

  • Special Solfeggio setting for resonating to sound healing.